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From:  Simon Bucknall - UK & Ireland Champion of Public Speaking 

I never planned on a career in public speaking.

Who does?

Back in May 2001, I made a mess of a presentation in my first job in the corporate world.

Vowing to improve, I joined a public speaking club and, last year, stood on stage in Vancouver, Canada, addressing an audience of 2,500 people in the Final of the World Championship of Public Speaking, placing 2nd out of 30,000+ competing speakers. 

"High Impact Speaking" offers you the very best tips, techniques and insights I learnt on that 17 year public speaking journey.

An online, video-based system, it also draws on tried-and-tested content, delivered in Coaching Sessions, Masterclasses & Keynotes delivered for clients, from all walks of life across the globe.

I've been a full-time speaker, coach and facilitator since 2008 and the system works...

If you’re highly experienced and looking to fine-tune your skills


Freshly promoted and seeking a step-by-step system so you can excel in your new position, or…

Even wanting to increase the sheer persuasiveness of all your communication


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Kind regards

Simon Bucknall
“UK and Ireland Champion of Public Speaking”

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What Others Say:

"In helping us prepare for a series of investor-critical presentations, Simon worked one-to-one with our entire team of speakers over several months.

He made a huge difference, helping them speak with a confidence I've not seen before. Key stakeholders from the audience made a point of commenting on how impressed they were by the value and impact of the presentations.

Simon has made a significant and permanent difference to our people's effectiveness as speakers."

 Nic Humphries, Senior Partner, HgCapital


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