Why Invest In High Impact Speaking?

For less than the price of a 2 hr coaching session with me, gain 12 months access to my full suite of core expertise. It's been tried-and-tested in Coaching Sessions, Keynotes and Masterclasses I've delivered for thousands of professionals all over the world over the past decade.

An online, video-based coaching system, 'High Impact Speaking' draws on well over 10,000+ hours of practical, first-hand experience - helping clients in financial services, engineering, FMCG, technology, energy, academic, politics, the charity sector, executive education, entrepreneurship and more.

These are ideas that work.

The system offers extraordinary value - and you can access the system online, whenever and wherever you want.

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What does the 'High Impact Speaking' online system actually consist of?

  • 9 Core Modules plus supplementary videos  (70+ videos in all)
  • A total of 9+ hours of world-class content
  • Executive Summaries
  • Case Studies
  • Interactive Interventions
  • 20 FAQs
  • Specialist skills in the art of the Elevator Pitch
  • The 7 Critical Mistakes of Public Speaking & How To Avoid Them


What can 'High Impact Speaking' DO for you?

It gives you access to a world-class public speaking toolkit 'in your pocket', so you can...

  • 'Own the stage', even if you don't feel confident!
  • Engage your audience members... FAST
  • Achieve a deeper, more lasting emotional connection as a presenter
  • Master the art of high-impact storytelling
  • Speak 'off-the-cuff' with greater conviction and clarity
  • Maintain your own authentic self when presenting
  • Save a HUGE amount of time in your speech preparation 
  • Communicate the TRUE value of your product, service or self to others
  • Be more inspiring as a professional and as a leader
  • Differentiate yourself and your organisation in the minds of stakeholders
  • Boost your prospects for career promotion

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